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Body Butter.

Updated: Apr 14

This recipe is for ca. 350 grams.

Body Butter (Home Made)


body butter ingredients

  • Cocoa butter is optional

  • Suggested plant oils: Almond/Avocado/ Karité oil


DIY tools for body butter


Melted ingredients

Melt all the ingredients in a double boiler.

Mix well with a spatula.

Remove from heat and place in the fridge until cooled completely and solid.

whip ingredients

Use a stand mixer or a hand mixer to whip till fluffy.

Body butter

Place in an airtight jar.


Use as you would any lotion, cream, etc.

Can be used EVERYWHERE on your body.

Note that when the body butter comes into contact with body temperature, it will melt into an oil. This is normal. If you find the butter melting, you can always place it in a fridge to keep solid.

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