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Disinfectant​ Wipes.​​​

Updated: Apr 14

On the go & kid friendly.


*Mild Bar Soap shavings or liquid soap (refillable)


Essential oil (recommended: Tea tree, Lavender, or Lemon grass)

*Simply up the qualities by double to produce a larger quantity.



Boil water.

Remove from heat and place aside to cool completely.

Add distilled water to air tight jar.

Add essential oil

Grate soap with grater.

Add grated soap or liquid soap to jar.

Fold cloth wipes by rolling and place in jar.

Close jar and tip the jar up side down as to get l the clothe wipes wet.

You are good to go.


Use as you would with any disposable wet wipe for cleaning dirty hands, objects, surfaces etc. Remove wipe, and squeeze excessive water. Do not use near the eyes or mouth. Keep tightly sealed around babies and infants.

Carry along a wet bag, to store used wipes Wash dirty wipes every 3 days.

After opening the jar you can use wipes up to 3 days.

Unopened jars can be kept like that up to 1 month.

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