• Ekow Manuar

II. Love at First Click.

Simone was woken from his sleep by the shrill alarm of his iHome. He lifted himself up, shrugged off the last drops of sleep, and tapped on his tablet. The screen automatically unlocked projecting an animated News Feed. He waved his hand to scroll down the page. Laughing at times. Watching at times. Liking a lot. No frowns today. Ha! Trevor Noah’s twenty-something Year Special, hilarious. Mayor of Accra something-something, something. Looked like news. Scroll.

Oh, it is Milford’s birthday!

Simone selected the preset birthday wish with the extra smiley faces. Now, these other two he wasn’t sure if he necessarily needed to wish them a happy birthday.

He then flipped onto Instagram and looked through his notifications. There was a kissy face from an AdWeyi3. He didn’t know this person but pressed on her image. He liked a few of her pictures before actually looking at her. He double-tapped at one picture and it expanded. He revolved the image around and around. Her face was soft but her eyes were cutting. A name popped up next to the pretty girl’s face, Adwoa Weyi. He touched on her tag and reached her page. She worked for Adu. She was 27. She enjoyed swimming. She loved reading. She wanted to walk every inch of the world before she died. She was single, and he was in love.

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